About Us
Drugs and Pharmaceutical Industry- It’s noble service to the Health-care and welfare of the human beings attracted us to add our service to this industry. We have been selling Drugs & Pharmaceutical raw materials for over a decade by direct imports, exports and through indenting.

We centralized in Mumbai with a well organised business set up having associates located in major business activity centres in India like Ahmadabad, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai and Pune. Our annual turnover is US $ 15 million.

We visit abroad, analyse and ensure ourselves about the quality of products, reputation of manufacturers, etc. before we place orders/ issue indents on behalf of our clients. The strongest facts of our business base on the reliability and promptness of our response to customer’s needs.

We constantly search for new drugs and newer technology and bridge a gap between overseas manufacturers/technocrats with ambitious Indian manufacturers, facilitating the growth of Indian economy in general and welfare of the healthcare in particular. HELP EVER, HURT NEVER may be a term of HRD function, but we strongly believe in this theory and adopt in our day to day functions with our clients. This goes a long way in strengthening our relations with our customers.

At last we ensure support and require the implementation of all necessary activities and persist on continuous improvement of the performance of all business processes.

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